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Camp Info

Camp Winonah is a residential summer camp for at-risk youth from Essex County, NJ

and the surrounding areas. We offer swimming, sports, crafts, themed activities,

life skills groups, and cabin-style living with highly qualified staff.

Our family-style camp is located in Harriman State Park, NY.


The international staff at Camp Winonah are qualified and certified in specialized areas.  We have an onsite director, an onsite nationally certified EMT, and 1 counselor for every 6-8 campers who resides in the cabin with the campers.


Sleeping & Eating

Each cabin has 1 counselor for 6-8 campers who are within the same age range and one side of our camp is for our male campers and one side of the camp is for our female campers.  We provide 3 meals each day with an evening snack.  We also provide special dietary meals as well.


COVID-19 Safety

All staff and campers will have their temperature taken every day and provided masks are to be worn when required. If any staff or camper exhibits any of the following: temperature above 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit, sore throat, continuous cough, trouble breathing, etc. they will be taken to the nearest emergency room.



Sharon Baldwin-Montgomery, Founder

Mrs. Sharon Baldwin-Montgomery is the Founder of Camp Winonah with over 45 years of residential camping experience.

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Renata Baldwin, Camp Director

Ms. Renata Baldwin is our Camp Winonah Director with over 20 years of residential camping experience.

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Tomorrow Baldwin-Montgomery, EMT

Miss Tomorrow Baldwin-Montgomery is our Camp Winonah Nationally certified EMT and Waterfront Director.


Mission & Values

Camp Winonah is a non-profit residential camp established within the EJM Foundation, focusing on providing today’s at-risk youth with the opportunity to experience a quality and fun outdoor camping adventure. Our campers learn life skills and gain a deeper appreciation of solving the problems of today and tomorrow.


“Perhaps best of all, camps offer kids a chance to feel like they belong.  All those goofy chants and team songs.  The sense of common purpose and attachment to the identity that camps promote go a long way to offering children a sense of being rooted.”  -Dr. Michael Ungar


“I feel safe at camp, I am scared of the bugs but at home I am scared of the bullets.”


“My grandchild never helped me do anything around the house and when they came back from camp, he was helping me…he told me he had to do ‘kapers’ at camp, which means cleaning up after himself.”


“It was one of the hardest summers I have ever had, I always felt tired, but we are a family and someone was always there to help.”

Staff Member

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