Camp Winonah offers swimming, sports, creative arts, themed activities, and life skills groups.

Life Skills

Each camper participates

in age/developmentally appropriate life skills groups in some of the following areas; daily living, anger management, coping management,

grief and loss, effective communication, self-concept, goal setting, study skills, virtual and in-classroom learning challenges, etc.


We provide equipment (basketballs, baseballs, volleyballs, field hockey, kickball, etc.) for both individual and group sport activities throughout the day.


Many of our campers have not had the refreshing experience of swimming in a lake and our waterfront is located on beautiful Lake Stahahe where each camper is given the option to swim daily.


For those campers and staff who would like to have a quiet time of relaxation and meditation.


All of our campers and staff take a short hike down to the nature museum at least 3 times a session to enjoy an amazing learning experience with the museum staff through games and lessons about nature.

Creative Arts

Camp Winonah believes that each camper is creative, and we encourage each camper to participate in one of the many genres that we offer: painting, creative writing, singing, dancing, acting, photography and crafts.